Aneesh Kashalikar


computational neuroscience researcher
bit alchemist - uses binary digits (code)
to metaphorically create gold
Intern at IBM (2017, 2018)


About Me

i'm a 2nd year undergraduate student studying mathematics at nyu
i'm doing research in computational neuroscience, advisor: tba
i aim to do a phd in computational neuroscience
to pursue a career in research
my main interests are in:
  neural encoding
  computational theories of brain function
  computational psychiatry
i researched in hci with professor steven dow at ucsd


Fall 2019 - 2nd year ugrad at nyu
  research with advisor:tba in computational neuroscience (upcoming)
Fall 2018 - Summer 2019 - 1st year ugrad at ucsd
  research with Steven Dow in human computer interaction
Summer 2018 - 2nd software engineering internship at ibm
  see projects for more details
Summer 2017 - 1st software engineering internship at ibm
  see projects for more details


click on the links to see some of my projects
in machine learning and ui
or simply scroll down

Machine Learning and Data Science

tamnapariƫ - i implemented neural networks, bayesian regression
  and linear regression from scratch
at ibm 2018:
  used deep recurrent neural networks
   for machine translation to create a natural language interface
   that would allow business users to learn about their data
  created a data viz library
   to use with automated data narratives using NLG

Design and Web Dev

built a 3d connect 4 game using html, css, and js
built the design for san diego design challenge website (coming soon)
at ibm 2017 used google-blockly in a prototype to help users define
  non-trivial data validation and data classification logic